• Aimer, ce n'est pas se regarder l'un l'autre, c'est regarder ensemble dans la même direction.

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    slt ca va bien ??

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    Hello Happy new year

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    how are you

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    hi christina hou are you happy new year

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    HOPE U HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR.............

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    tres jolie profil

  • hmerry christmass

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    cv bien?
    je m'appel taher et toi la belle?

  • merci majouter mes kamem tes vachemen mignone

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    +5 !

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    bonjour ma petite rose
    merci d'avoir accepte mon invitation
    si tu veut discuter sur msn

  • My beautiful, you're my treasure,
    I loved you
    Your love is as precious as gold,
    I keep thinking of you.

    Wherever I am,
    You're on my mind,
    And all the things I feel,
    Are only for you my darling.

    My love for you is so great
    That words are not enough,
    A love so bewitching
    That same "I love you" seems flat.

    I love you madly,
    As I have never loved anyone,
    I love you for life
    And my love, I give you.

    I love you and love you always,
    I'm crazy about you,
    You're my greatest love,
    I can not do without you.

    If we were to separate us,
    I never would defer,
    It's so good to be by your side,
    That nothing seems wrong.

    You're my joy,
    My only happiness
    Your love drunk,
    And my heart is capsized.

    My love for you is eternal
    I will always love you,
    You are for me the most beautiful,
    You're my tender love

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